Hawai’i: Land of Superfoods

An aerial view of Cyanotech. The blue and green stripes are ponds growing Spirulina and Haematococcus and the red ones are ponds where the Haemetacoccus are stressed out

So I don’t understand why so people live in Hawai’i. First off, it has gorgeous weather. Secondly, it has amazing beaches and forests and don’t forget the volcanoes! But, on top of that, Hawai’i boasts the most amazing plants and foods that are so much healthier than anything I have ever heard of before. I’ve regaled you with tales of many of the plants that I think are cool so far, but none are more awesome than Spirulina.

What is that? Real-life Lembas, that’s what it is. It is blue-green algae, such as what is used in Naked Juice‘s Green Machine drink. It is 60% protein, has 3100 times the amount of iron as spinach, 670 times more protein than tofu and 5000 times more beta-Carotene than carrots. You could eat Spirulina alone for your whole life and never need anything else, except for water. Isn’t that awesome? Okay, I admit, the whole “algae” thing kinda puts me off, but seriously, with health benefits like that, who needs anything else? It promotes brain and eye health, boosts the immune system and is perfect for weight loss because you get all the nutrients you need without the nasty processed stuff you get from most other common foods.

We went to a company in NELHA called Cyanotech where they grow Spirulina as well as another type of green algae called Haematococcus. What this is used for sounds absolutely disgusting when it’s explained. When this algae is stressed out (exposed to severe sunlight and warmer water) it forms hard red cysts around it. Inside these cysts is an oil called Astaxanthin. This is the most powerful antioxidant in the world. It pains me to say that because of my new-found devotion to KonaRed, but it’s true. If you take a gel cap of Astaxanthin you will be a hundred times healthier. Isn’t it fascinating what a single-celled organism can do for humankind?

The author sporting his new forehead gash

Before all of this happened we were clowning around at the house with a seed-pod from the tree next to our house (it’s a foot long and feels like it was carved out of oak, seriously!). Well, at one point it got thrown over-hand at me and I, being my usual clumsy self, somehow got my face in the way instead of my hands and got whapped in the head with it. This caused bleeding and much laughter. It stung a bit, but the salt water at the beach we went to later in the day cleaned it out and I feel much better.

Not much else to tell you, but keep checking back! More cool things to come.

The beach we went to today... It was quite beautiful with white sand and ringed around with lava


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